The Day After Tomorrow is asked in an US science fiction film describing catastrophic climatic effects following the disruption of the North Atlantic Ocean circulation in a series of extreme weather events that usher in global cooling and lead to a new ice age. Now the same question lays behind Donald Trump’s hazardous regime with “disperse and rule” ideology.

In the world politics one pole view prevails according to the US strong defense and other resources crystallizing in the slogan “America first” by Donald Trump. Tension in the world politics is now on the same high as it was under the two-pole cold war time. The difference will be found in the international coalition politics with many new players on the stage and their unpredictable actions.

The US, Europe, China and Russia are more interested in self-defense and co-operation with the like-minded than to seek co-operation in the framework of international agreements. Armed confrontation is built on the axis of Iran, Syria and Israel after the US broke the nuclear agreement with Iran and left Europe alone. Russia has its own interest in Near-East being careful not to bind itself in the dangerous situation.

But a new view is rising in the background of weapons rattling. What happens The Day After Tomorrow when Trump’s administration must give up, either in new elections or otherwise? Then the cards will be redistributed from the positions countries have had under the Trump-period. Power and weapons have been main glue, and all parts in the power play will stay in front of a renewed evaluation of the situation.

It is imperative to initiate peace talks in one form or another, re-address environmental issues at world level and enhance confidence between all countries and communities. The harder the situation evolves, the more difficult it will be to restore trust and mutual co-operation.

The Day After Tomorrow will move against catastrophe or open new possibilities, a new hopeful dawn.

Right now, European countries are trying to find consensus and organize their relations with Iran after the United States cut off relations with Iran. US gambling becomes expensive in many respects and international tension is growing. (LOF)


How will the explosion in technology impact us:

Artificial intelligence increases exponentially

Routine work moves to digital automation

 New reality between human and computer

 Translating becomes more accurate and versatile

  Identification of faces, images, texts and profiles


Major challenges, such as personal data protection, privacy, use of social media and control of technology will be magnified exponentially. We will no longer ask if something is possible or doable but whether we should do it, where and when, and how we manage to control all processes.

The need for global agreements will emerge as a direct response to the vastly accelerating abuse of personal data. It also seems, that the most technology-friendly or social-network “obsessed" users will soon start to object to being instrumentalized and find themselves over loaded.

This will force governments and businesses towards creating a "secure framework" for society. The need for global agreements on these key issues will emerge. The resulting digital data and artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem will need to become the global guideline, akin to a kind of "artificial intelligence and automation non-proliferation agreement." (LOF)

What is the good life? This question is probably one of the most important questions we can ask. Each one of us wants to live the good life but with different opinions about what the good life is. We might think that the good life is a happy life, consisting of life-long pleasurable experiences. We might think that the good life is one in which we've been able to find meaning and purpose.

What is the relation between living a good life and being happy? To many, the good life is a financially prosperous life, and happiness lies in the possession of wealth. Others strive for honor and public recognition, others appreciate the balance of mind and good human relationships. So good life is made up with the right people in the right settings, being in balance with oneself.

 A good and happy life is also one in which pleasures outweigh the pains overall. Many questions have been asked about the good life and happiness. People constantly answer those questions with their lives, and we see many different ideas of the good life and happiness playing out in the strivings of human beings to live well and be happy. When we wish someone to ‘do well’ in life, we express the hope that the person will be moral and fair in his or her dealings with others.

 Beyond securing basic physical survival, someone who does well in life can sleep with a clear conscience, whether blessed with material success or not. From many a philosophical point of view, the good life has an intrinsically moral core that involves compassion for the suffering of others and acting justly in the world. (LOF)

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Russian President Putin held an official opening ceremony for the Crimean bridge, which will connect the Crimean Peninsula with Russia's mainland part. The 19-kilometer-long bridge is the longest bridge in Europe aimed to facilitate transportation between mainland Russia and the peninsula.

Crimea is said to be the “heart of Russia” and will keep its status after Russian occupation 2014. I visited Crimea 1975 as official Finnish officer delegate and found what the peninsula meant for the leadership of Soviet Union. (LOF)