Patriotism is greatly appreciated in Russia, Victory Day parade!

The world order is now in chaos and nothing seems to work for peace. World organizations are powerless as a result of poor leadership and lack of confidence. It's hard to agree and trust on world leadership when everyone works just under their own advantage and priorities. The cold war with its missiles has emerged as a common source of fear with nuclear clouds symbolizing mass destruction telling about inability to negotiate and settle disputes.

Civilized way of action has been forgotten or undermined in a frightening way by the world leaders playing their own arrogant game. The socialist iron grip on command economy and vague capitalism, representing so-called free world, seem to continue their fight for superiority with commercial sanctions, protectionism and discrimination. Arrogant Putin is supported by the people, Trump makes himself laughable in front of the people.

Europe is powerless, Asia unstable and the African nations without strong leadership. Hot points are in Syria and the whole near-East. North-Korea and the US are starting their unbalanced peace discussions leaving world organizations as outsiders. Nothing happens in a conventional way making improvised discussions dangerous and complicate the world situation. There is a need for a serious movement against stupidity and indifference.

Lars-Olof Fredriksson, Major,Master in Politics

Facebook has been accused of how it dominates the social influence of the media market and global channels to the ultimate user amount. It has been criticized for privacy violations on the Internet, for their own commercial purposes, as well as misleading management with controversy information, fake and automatic facial recognition program.

Facebook may have psychological and stressful effects, when producing addictions, different types of dependencies and adhesion.

The methods used by the Facebook have been questioned in many issues, within alternative news and influencing elections of various countries.

On the other hand, there has also been talk of censorship.  In addition to the interpretation of the role of the users, Facebook has also circumvented copy-right regulations.

Some former Facebook management representatives have said that "Facebook is ripping the social fabric of how society works and that it is destroying the reality having no societal discourse, no cooperation by fostering misinformation and mistruth. This is a global problem. It is eroding the core foundations of how people behave by and between each other." (LOF)

Personal maturity is a continuous and lifelong process of becoming. The behavior of a mature person is functionally autonomous and is motivated by conscious processes.  Truly mature people can get 'outside' of themselves. They have feelings of genuine personal involvement in work, family, social relationships, leisure and all aspects of living knowing their strengths and weaknesses.

A mature person can display intimacy with next of kin or close friend. The love of a mature person is unconditional. Compassion relates to understanding of the basic human condition and a sense of kinship with all people.

Mature people also deal with their emotions like depression, anger, guilt, in such a way that they do not interfere with the well-being of the others. Mature people see things as they are, not as they would wish them to be. They do not distort the reality to make it compatible with their wants and fears.

Psychologically mature and healthy people possess appropriate skills for their work, provisionally setting aside personal desires and impulses while work takes a priority having a set of deeply held values which serve as a unifying foundation of his/her life. They also have a highly developed conscience which involves a sense of duty towards self and others, giving meaning and significance to everything the person does. (Pummy Sheoran/LOF)



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