The host country of the summit, Finland, showed its best interests to the participants of the meeting. The services worked, and security was guaranteed when the presidents Putin and Tramp held their meeting. Good arrangements, functional connections and top services made the international guests feel comfortable. In addition to the main guests and their representatives, around 1400 foreign journalists had come to the meeting to get a good picture of a safe, reliable and friendly country. Special thanks were received by President Niinistö, the City of Helsinki and the inhabitants of the city.

The results of the actual meeting and the results can be read in the press and other media in the world.

Finland is well known now and placed on the right place on the world map both physically and politically. LOF

Just over one hundred years ago, American Theodore Roosevelt wanted to make America great and the same idea has current President Donald Trump, too. Roosevelt justified his idea: Every expansion of civilization makes for peace! Every expansion of a great civilized power(?) means victory for law, order and righteousness. Even when acknowledging that the US acted in self-interest (making war), Roosevelt insisted that expanding US influence would improve the lives of those not yet capable of governing themselves. 

Western hegemony and respect for fundamental western values have also been emphasized in Finland, today, when discussing belonging to the western community of values and potentially seeking membership in the NATO alliance. For Finland legality, freedom and equality are high values being result of good training and country’s identity built on great sacrifices in nation’s history.

When talking about American greatness as Roosevelt did one hundred years ago, it didn't call the international community to cooperation but to war and violence through the stronger party right. The earth is threatened by the growing misery and disregard more than the conquering wars in the name of doctrinal ideas. One hundred years distinguish the current generations from the imperialistic ideas and hegemony from the Roosevelt’s world.

Russia has its own way to go to modern imperialism by autocratic leadership and effective manipulation of force which is approved by the nation and Russians themselves. The real free world can be found there where people are free, well trained and actively calling for human rights. Finland should keep its independent policy, secure community and national defense.

Lars-Olof Fredriksson, Maaster in Foreign Politics

Uncertainty and lack of confidence raise the confrontation risk in international politics. Obligation to comply with international agreements has been subjected to personified leadership with populistic twitter policy. New leaders and administrations have been able to announce their goals without notification of justice and final consequences.

Time has changed making world policy reactive and impossible to foresee. Current decision making doesn’t follow the rules of international law and the objectives of international organizations. This practice resembles the time of revolutions, when weak powers have generally given way to dictators. This was the case, for example, with the freedom fight in African Spring and later in the whole Middle East.

It has become a habit to announce major plans before considering the consequences. In example Brexit was decided without thorough analyze and now its implementation seems impossible to control. The European Union lacks real leadership compared to Russia, the US and China and their unpredictable managements.

New political practices and rejection of international laws and regulations will ultimately be hazardous for the international community and at the same time threaten the world peace. Carefully drawn international agreements are easy to break, but building relationships again takes time and at the same time increases the risk for misunderstanding. Uncertainty in the world is now greater than for a long time.


Barry Rassin



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