It is interesting to follow the contradictory discussion about the race between man and machine, their performance of knowledge and intelligence. New word to the fragmentary discussion is      The  S i n g u l a r i t y, meaning the explosion-like increase in development of artificial intelligence compared to human comprehension and performance.

  The performance of machine is growing highly fast, precisely and tirelessly. But the evolution of artificial intelligence can't push aside human evolutionary history or to take the next step in the cosmic history of natural evolution.

   Where are the defenders of the natural evolutionary concept against the attacks of artificial evolution supporters? In competition between the evolution of machine and man the intuitive ability gives humans an unbeatable advantage.

  Creating artificial intelligence begins with success in creating a generalized model of man. It is a technology that has a human-like ability to flexible thinking and decision-making but without human responsibility. Such an artificial intelligence is neutral to human emotions and does not know the legacy, morality, and values of the human race.

Who is controlling the artificial evolution compared to human and cosmic evolution? Should a man teach the artificial intelligence also the principles of ethics in order not to be misused or threatened by the singularity.

  Data is information that in itself is irrelevant and becomes information based on a common interpretation system. Understanding means cultural ability to handle the given information and to interpret it. Then wisdom is based on the ethics and the personal value system. Machine reality fits poorly into the progressive cosmic evolution. (LOF)


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International politics is overwhelmed with “twitter information” giving the priority to shouting instead of analytical discourse, simplifying sayings at the same time. It seems that especially serious questions have been the subject of the game and the hardest shouting is the winner. Political leaders threat each other as traitors in front of their defenders.

It seems that western leaders work on their own without governmental support. Respectively dictatorially derived countries and their leaders don’t need people’s support when there is only one truth. The gap between ordinary people and the leadership is growing.

The situation is aggravated by the chaos of communication with new methods and platforms, providing information, right or wrong, to the horror of the people. Media compete with the power of words and the “first night's right”. Display of gassed children or mothers with dying children in their laps are intolerable and maintain the endless hate and mistrust.

A growing community of denialists (people avoiding a psychologically uncomfortable truth) has emerged in several hazardous situations coalescing online communities and their opinions to fake theories about what “really happened.” What is dangerous with this kind of community is how their views are beginning to creep into mainstream discourse as a real truth and fact.

Fake news is a type of yellow journalism or propaganda that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional print and broadcast news media or online social media. This false information is mainly distributed by social media. (LOF)


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The world order is now in chaos and nothing seems to work for peace. World organizations are powerless as a result of poor leadership and lack of confidence. It's hard to agree and trust on world leadership when everyone works just under their own advantage and priorities. The cold war with its missiles has emerged as a common source of fear with nuclear clouds symbolizing mass destruction telling about inability to negotiate and settle disputes.

Civilized way of action has been forgotten or undermined in a frightening way by the world leaders playing their own arrogant game. The socialist iron grip on command economy and vague capitalism, representing so-called free world, seem to continue their fight for superiority with commercial sanctions, protectionism and discrimination. Arrogant Putin is supported by the people, Trump makes himself laughable in front of the people.

Europe is powerless, Asia unstable and the African nations without strong leadership. Hot points are in Syria and the whole near-East. North-Korea and the US are starting their unbalanced peace discussions leaving world organizations as outsiders. Nothing happens in a conventional way making improvised discussions dangerous and complicate the world situation. There is a need for a serious movement against stupidity and indifference. (LOF)



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