What means personal Stability

People think stability is boring, but in fact, it is uncertainty that disturbs and makes your life unsafe. Instability means that you give up your goals, leaving your experiences and support systems. No one ever has fulfilled his dreams, utopian or not, without help from others and a realistic analysis of the situation. You must do your best and be open for the future.

Stability enables you to manage your life, having a touch to reality and to meet your goals. Solving problems is more essential than to move away and escape. Don’t move away but stay there where you are facing the un-known, risks, by knowledge, self-confidence and by help of others.

Try to solve your problems with the tools you have and with help of people who can fill the void round you. At the same time train, yourself to look inside yourself to solve your problems with help of others instead of blaming external things.

In all, try to manage happenings round you, find them, analyze, trying to find best solutions according to existing tools. It requires knowledge, expertise and decision-making ability besides humility.

Time and its use affect the stability of your life. How much do you control your own life or is it completely programmed by others? Are you 7/24 people who have accepted that you do not have time for yourself and things you love? Awareness of yourself, identity and the world are important to maintain good mental balance.

Lars-Olof Fredriksson, Master in Human Sciences 

The number of communications in our environment is constantly increasing. Today we encounter thousands of commercials and other notice as targeted and non-targeted messages, and that is why we are constantly in the selection process. Our desire and our need to manage communication is limited to time constraints, and this creates a need for prioritization. In addition, social media rhythmizes every participant's life with their own needs.

Every personal way to face new challenges varies. Our attitudes towards change and the challenges tell us about how we identify our own position and accept change in our own life and environment. On the one hand, choices made have an impact on how we are perceived and received as individuals.

A new internet generation has emerged in the society, which is largely engaged in networking and real-time handling of information. The electronic networks provide a huge amount of information, but it is also a matter of managing and prioritizing communication. Questionable and false methods have also been used in modern communication. To prevent this, we need the ability to evaluate the ingredients of truth and critically address sources. (LOF)


Rotary Exchange students in Peru have seen many people living in extreme poverty, who take water directly from the Amazon River, downstream of the city of Iquitos. It is a major health risk and every week 4-5 children each (about 60 families) get sick while drinking dirty water. That is why we want to help and in March we will go to build a water tower in the Pucallpa community on a small island of Amazonia. We also help other communities, repair schools and the like. Water tower is, however, our main project. The project name is "Aguamoslo juntos" which is a combination of the words "hagamoslo juntos (done together)" and "Agua (water)". The project has its own websites:



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Peru is the only Rotary country where young students do independently this kind of service projects.