What is the relation between living a good life and being happy? To many, the good life is a financially prosperous life, and happiness lies in the possession of wealth. Generally, success is what counts, and anyone who is not successful is counted as looser. Others strive for a life based on honor and public recognition. Satisfying life requires good relationships and an acceptable attitude between others.

There are lives that show by their living a desire for glory or power that inspires great efforts. Others, who are not drawn to wealth, power or glory because of the difficulties involved in attaining them, may choose the pursuit of pleasure. A good and happy life is one in which pleasures and hope outweigh their misery and pains overall. People give their answer with their lives when trying to live well and be happy.

The ancient Greeks wished their friends to ‘do well’ and ‘fare well’ being the keys to human felicity. Doing well concerns ourselves, our actions and feelings. So, when we wish someone to ‘do well’ in life, we express the hope that the person will be moral and fair in his or her dealings with others. Beyond securing basic physical survival, someone who does well in life can sleep with a clear conscience, whether blessed with material success or not. From many a philosophical point of view, the good life has an intrinsically moral core that involves compassion for the suffering of others and acting justly in the world. (J. Mason/LOF)

Media learning

   We are surrounded with information, true or false, 7/24 hours, counted and figured with many options. There are separate channels for processing information with a limited channel capacity. Evaluation of information means active processing, filtering, selecting and organizing. Today there is a discussion of alternative truth and the old word propaganda is once again raising from the ashes.

   In today's media world, it is more and more important to evaluate the content of the information and its provider’s motives. It is essential to learn to read “between the lines” especially now when social media has become main and central deliverer of information. The media education aims to find out the critical substance of each media and how it works.

   When the mass media generalized another hundred years ago, it was believed that the so-called “drug effect” gave the absolute impact of the targeted message on the audience. What was sent was also received as such. Now there is no such straightforward connection between the sender and the recipient, when the roles are totally mixed.

   Social media imposes specific challenges on the selection of information especially in cases when the publisher’s motives can’t be opened and analyzed. Social media must be critically addressed and evaluated to find out the sender's intentions. The most important elements on the questions on trustworthiness are; who sends, with what purpose and what are the expected effects? (LOF)

Several export dependent European countries will suffer from the sanctions and duties imposed by President Trump. Especially in Finland, the export structure is vulnerable because the investment products form a large part of the country's exports. Finland's export forms about 40% of the country's gross domestic product. On the World Trade Organization's WTO list, Finland is the 14th most vulnerable country in the world for global value chain disruption. China ranked 33rd and United States ranked 56th. - As protectionism expands, and trade war ends up in an "all-in-all" situation, the World Trade will surely suffer and there is a global recession risk, according to Investment Service Company Front Capital, Finland.